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Since 1952, the men and women of Adhex have explored an extraordinary variety of adhesive tape applications, from the simplest to the most complex purposes.
Adhex has proven to be a valuable partner for our customer’s design and production.
Adhex forges partnerships with its customers, multinational companies and innovative start-ups in 3 sectors: automotive, industry and healthcare.


Adhex supplies the world's largest automobile manufacturers, developing solutions that are found in all vehicles: door panel watershields, decoration, labelling, acoustics, protection, fixing and sealing solutions.
With time savings on assembly, as well as weight advantages, adhesive solutions are becoming more and more important when it comes to mechanical fixings.

Manufacturers' design teams are able to draw upon the cutting-edge adhesive expertise provided by Adhex engineers.

In addition, ECO design enables "green" products to be offered, addressing the need to eliminate toxic component emissions and anticipating recycling.

Design according to the IATF 16949 standard, compliance with the rules of "just-in-time" logistics, production quality and assistance during line start-up phases: Adhex has mastered the requirements of the automotive sector.


Far from being restricted to plasters and dressings alone, adhesives are widely employed in hospitals for safety and ease of use: labelling of blood transfusion bags, In Vitro Diagnostic, electrodes and grounding pads, wound care, surgical draping, ostomy and urology.
Adhex collaborates with the world’s leading suppliers of medical devices. Its vertical integration all along the manufacturing process, in a fully controlled environment, from the formulation of biocompatible medical adhesives to the transformation and sterilization of ready-to-use products enables it to offer its customers turnkey solutions.


Adhesives are found throughout the home and contribute to the everyday comfort of those who live there:
Adhex collaborates with leading construction companies to develop the most effective products possible: waterproofing membranes for roofs and walls, window contours and water and vapor barrier tape.
Adhex also produces fastening adhesives and technical labels for electrical equipment manufacturers, along with future-focused industries, such as the wind energy sector.
Drawing upon its know-how and credentials in adhesive design and production, Adhex builds relationships of trust and long-term collaboration with its customers.

To satisfy its customers and maintain its position within the closed circle of the most innovative adhesive companies, Adhex draws upon 3 foundations:
•    Modern production facilities that undergo constant improvement
•    A continuous R&D effort led by a team of 60 researchers, engineers and technicians
•    Energetic international development, through the establishment of subsidiaries and commercial export development
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Production facilities

Adhex intervenes throughout the value chain, allowing for end-to-end product quality control.
•   Formulation of adhesives; coating, our core business – a thin layer, sometimes just a few microns thick, of adhesive is coated on the supporting surface with meticulous precision, then cut.
•   Label printing, parts cutting and complex parts manufacturing, thermoforming.
•   Adhex has a proven track record of excellence in a wide range of adhesive processing technologies, enabling it to offer to customers ready-to-use products.

R&D :

Within the laboratory, 20 researchers, engineers and technicians are drawing upon the most advanced physicochemical testing machines.

• Designing a good adhesive requires expertise in chemistry, but also mechanics, seeking micron precision.

• We need to master robotics, aeraulics, fluid mechanics and, above all, have a very precise understanding of our customers’ needs and applications.

• We rely upon our experience, along with a touch of craziness!

A set of pilot machines also makes it possible to produce prototypes on a semi-industrial scale or to validate new processes. We’ve filed 10 patents in the last 3 years, and that's a real asset for the company!


International development

Adhex is well established in Burgundy and cultivates a spirit of adventure that has led to production units being set up in Spain, Slovakia and Brazil. Adhex is also represented in the United States, China, Romania Germany, United Kingdom and Morocco.
Throughout the world, Adhex’s men and women defend its values:
•   Technical creativity
•   Customer focus
•   Persistence
•   Team spirit